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The physical properties of stainless steel

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
1, density slightly higher than the density of carbon steel, stainless steel, ferrite and martensite in shape and slightly lower than that of austenite size stainless steel; 2, resistivity, resistivity according to carbon steel, iron, grain size, shape and austenite martensite stainless steel increasing sorting; 3, linear expansion coefficient of the size of the order is similar, minimal austenite size highest stainless steel and carbon steel; 4, carbon steel, iron, grain size and martensite stainless steel magnetic austenite size non-magnetic stainless steel, but its cold hardening generated when martensite phase transformation will produce a magnetic, can be used heat treatment method to eliminate the martensite structure and restore its non-magnetic. A: what are the detection method of metal stamping parts
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