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The precision of the stamping die

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Metal stamping parts so far has not yet have a comparatively complete definition, according to a definition of a professional journals abroad can be defined as: sheet metal is for sheet metal, Usually in under 6 mm) A comprehensive cold working process, including cutting, punching/cut/composite, folding, welding, riveting, joining together, forming ( Such as automobile body) And so on. Its remarkable feature is the thickness of the same parts. The interpretation of the modern Chinese dictionary the fifth edition: verbs, on steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate and sheet metal processing. The precision of the mould and structure directly affect the forming of metal stamping parts and precision. Mould manufacturing cost and life expectancy is affect metal metal stamping parts are the important factors of cost and quality. Mold design and manufacturing needs more time, it will extend the new metal stamping parts production preparation time. Mold base, frame, guide the standardization and development of simple dies ( For small batch production) Progressive die, compound die, transfer ( For mass production) , as well as the development of quick die change equipment, can reduce metal stamping parts production preparation workload and shorten the preparation time, can make the suitable for mass production of advanced punching technology reasonably applied to small batch more varieties of production. The previous: mass production stampings should pay attention to the points
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