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The principle of processing stampings

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Through the punch and die stamping sheet, strip, pipe and profiles, such as outside force, make plastic deformation or separation, to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece forming, stamping workpiece are obtained. Stamping workshop and mould depends on the plate, strip, pipe and profiles such as outside force, so that the plastic deformation or separation, to obtain the required shape and artifacts ( Stamping) Forming method and size. Stamping and forging are plastic processing ( Or pressure processing) Is famous, collectively known as forging. Affix a blank, mainly hot and cold rolling steel plate and steel belt. World steel, 6070, most of them are by stamping product manufacturing %. Body, chassis, the fuel tank, radiator, the boiler steam drum, container shell, motor, electric appliance are stamping processing silicon core. Instruments and meters, household appliances, bicycles, office machinery, equipment and products such as life, there are a lot of stamping. Stamping parts and castings, forgings, with thin, uniform, light, the characteristics of the stronger. Produced by the method of stamping can also through the other, it is difficult to produce the frame, frame, rolling or flanging of the workpiece in order to improve the hardness. As precision mold, precision parts to micron level, high repeat precision, the same specification, therefore can punch a nest, the boss and so on. Generally will not be cold stamping parts processing, or only need a small amount of cutting. Hot stamping is lower than the cold stamping parts precision and surface state, but still higher than that of castings, forgings, machining. Stamping is a kind of efficient production methods, the use of composite modulus is used, especially in the multi-station progressive die, can be realized in more than a stamping process is completed, with the passage from the volume of material flat, in stamping forming, complete the automatic production. High efficiency, good working conditions, low production cost, general can produce hundreds of per minute. Stamping process is mainly composed of classification, can be divided into separate process and forming process is divided into two categories. Separation process, also known as the punching, stamping its purpose is to make some separated from table along the contour, while maintaining independent chapter to the requirement of quality. The formation process of the purpose is to provide uninterrupted plastic deformation under the condition of white paper, make the required shape and size of the workpiece. In the actual production, usually used in the process of various artifacts. Punching, bending, shear, deep drawing, bulging, spinning, correction is several main stamping process. Stamping sheet metal stamping surface and internal performance has a great influence on the quality of finished products, need the thickness of precision stamping, even, smooth surface, no spots, no scar, no scratch, no surface crack; Yield strength uniformity, there is no clear direction; Uniform elongation and low output; Low hardening. In the actual production, stamping process using similar techniques, such as deep drawing performance testing, performance testing and other testing bilge stamping material performance testing, to ensure product quality and high qualified rate. Directly affect the mould forming and the accuracy of precision stamping parts and structure. Stamping mould manufacturing costs and life is an important factor in the cost and quality. Mold design and manufacturing needs more time, it extended a new preparation of stamping production time. Die, die frame, guide the standardization and simple die ( For small batch production) The development of the compound die, multi-station progressive die ( For mass production) , as well as the development of quick die change equipment, stamping can reduce the workload and shorten the preparation time, can apply for to reduce the workload, reduce the time to prepare, stamping production enables large-scale stamping reasonably applied to the production of small batch more varieties of technical production. In addition to water plate stamping molding equipment, are generally mechanical press. Modern high-speed station as the center, more open book configuration of mechanical press, flat, completed the collection, transportation and other machinery and tooling libraries and quick die change equipment, and USES the computer program control, can form high, the productivity of automatic stamping production line.
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