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The problem in the stamping

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
14, precoated better shape: according to the functionality of the product is different, can use to complete the feeding material for electroplating, because of the characteristics of the characteristics of the plating material and base material are different, appearance is more meticulous light, so the more severe forming and too small forming R are caused in the process of forming path is not smooth, and results in excessive friction damage surface finishes, reduce its electrical properties. Often impose fitter polishing, increasing R, increase in to optimize work station. 15 is not allowed, feed & amp; Wrong: strip in the process of feed, the feed stroke ( 球场) Can change and cause the finished product size differences, serious cause miscarriage unable to come to. Reasons cause commonly, feeder pads wear b, standards, the Gauge installation errors, horizontal feeder without actuation d c, feeding hang after the arc cause shrinkage e, f, guide pin, guide pin location precision of initial alignment adjustment h g, relaxation time, the guide pin straight line length, whether to need to play I j, material of the front and studied. the presence of collision interference k, l, warp m sector, lifting type spring strength n, guide plate and strip of sliding gap and parallelism o, guide with crucial whether smooth, etc. 15, fans, is expected to bring in the stamping process, the strip will suffer from punching and shearing, bending forming, radial compressive force and material belt itself, the strip will produce curvature is a fan, fan not only influence the die itself down to sex, more can lead to process after the plating and assembly cannot be launched, in addition to the above, the abnormal bruised, forming the pull is cause by the fan. Generally adopt its characteristics, using dot adjustment rod impact extrusion to offset its radial deformation degree, other foreign body clean and die locksmith finishing optimization measures are necessary. Hardware according to the requirements of customers to provide metal shrapnel, metal stamping, LED bracket, precision hardware mold, connectors, electronic precision metal stamping customized solutions, such as stamping parts, terminals, just what exactly do you fill in order do metal shrapnel, metal stamping, the LED bracket, precision hardware mold, connectors, electronic stamping parts and other related information, we will contact you in the first place.
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