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The problem of stamping parts market in our country

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
The traditional metal products, also known as hardware. Refers to the iron, steel, aluminum and other metal after casting, rolling, cutting, and so on physical processing and manufacturing of all kinds of metal components. For example, hardware tools, metal parts, daily hardware, building hardware, security products and so on. Most hardware products is not the ultimate consumer. Dongguan metal stamping parts is the use of punch and die will be iron, aluminum, copper plate and heterosexual wood make its deformation or fracture, reached with a range of shapes and sizes of a process. Sheet metal stamping sometimes called forming, but a little difference. Sheet forming refers to the use thin plate, thin wall pipe, profiles, etc as raw materials. Method of plastic forming, collectively known as the sheet metal forming, at this time, the direction of the plate deformation is generally not considered. As things stand, exist the following problems: (stamping parts market in China 1) Some production capacity exceeds the demand, some makers in the stamping plant, put no, can't. One year production task, most of the time without market behavior. ( 2) Electrical appliances, electrical appliances stamping industry market competition is intense. But as the weather matter internationally competitive enterprises. ( 3) Research stamping market thing no one seriously. Stamping parts market chaotic. In the market, technology development is restricted, the entire industry is backward, displays in: ( 1) Overall level is low, a lot of industry overcapacity, the lack of high-grade technology. Technological progress is slow. ( 2) Material technology, mould technology, lubrication technology and equipment level is low, far cannot satisfy the needs of the development of domestic production. Hardware tools using small diameter hob in the cylindrical gear hob, as the linear velocity at the same time, small diameter hob allows a higher gear hobbing machine spindle speed. In production practice, according to the new problems and new situations in hobbing, targeted to take corresponding measures, in order to design suitable for the real hardware machining high speed roll cutting hob, to shorten the gap with foreign advanced hob. Metal stamping is a kind of intermittent cutting hobbing, in high speed machining will aggravate the impact on the blade, so we must improve the impact resistance strength of blade. The chip, chip removal without changing the space under the premise of using lower chip groove depth, will be at the bottom of the tank design into the whole arc in order to increase the flexural strength method can enhance the ability of impact resistance. Increase circular tooth number compared with the traditional hobbing, high-speed machining hobbing of feed and cutting depth is larger, if still according to the conventional design, then each cutter on the circumference of a circle cutting load will increase. Increase the circular gear is one of the effective ways to reduce the cutting load. Metal processing passivation general new cutting edge grinding HSS tool cutting edge blunt round radius is 8 ~ 16 microns, and there will be little burr on edge, if not passivation will cause the cutting blade tiny crack and crack in the early, the coating also cannot stand on the edge, so you need to light the whole passivation edge. Because after coating can increase the blunt round radius, coating blade can't passivation too, general passivation to 20 ~ 30 microns, which is beneficial to cutting edge cut metal internal vibration and play, is conducive to wear along the tool face and blade at the same time, after the cutting blade quickly into zili, which in turn smoothly into the normal cutting period. Dongguan metal stamping parts increased addendum arc radius in general, are connected to the side blade tip blade Angle is the most easy to wear, especially in the high speed machining hobbing. Increase the addendum arc radius to reduce heat agglomeration, tooth top corner increases with scraps of contact arc length, thinning chip thickness, improve the stability of the cutting tool abrasion resistance and impact resistance. Therefore, at the start of a meet by effective curve grinding wheel round position requirements under the premise of can try to increase the addendum arc radius. Hardware products factory in the previous: stamping processing requirements for equipment
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