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The production of metal stamping mold process

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
In general, metal stamping mold production cycle for simple metal stamping mold production cycle for 3 - Five working days some of the heat sink mold production cycle is about 2 ~ 3 week, for complex stamping parts ( Such as large complex casing, etc. ) Mould, requires more than 4 week. In addition, for making serial products, the continuous mold production cycle is relatively long. Then the process is 1. General template template roughing adopts special chrome steel, such as SKD11 non-critical parts of material, usually use ordinary carbon steel can be 45 #, such as A32. Purchase 3 mould material. 4 mould design. Heat treatment 5. Line 6. Template finishing 7. 8. Try die/mold/preproduction sample 9. Mould assembly on a: metal stamping parts manufacturing process
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