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The purpose of debugging the stamping die

by:Fortuna     2021-03-07
Before the stamping parts are produced, the stamping factory needs to test and debug the stamping die after installation. The performance of the stamping parts and the stamping die can be verified through the test punching. According to the results, the stamping factory can adjust and modify the stamping die to prepare for mass production of stamping parts. So what is the purpose of debugging the stamping die in the stamping factory? 1. Assess the quality of stamping parts and molds. 2. Clarify the forming standards of stamping parts. 3. Clarify the blank shape, size and material specifications of the formed stamping parts; in the production of stamping parts molds, some shapes are complicated or precise For higher bending, stretching, forming and other stamping parts, it is difficult to accurately measure the size and shape of the blank before deformation in the design scheme. In order to better obtain more accurate blank shape, size and material specifications, it can only be clarified after continuously adjusting the mold and making it into qualified parts; 4. For some parts that cannot be used in stamping molds and process technology The processing dimensions with a clear calculation method, such as the complicated convexity of the drawing die, the arc of the cavity, or the geometric shape and size of some positions of the die, must be tested and adjusted at the same time, until the qualified part is broken. The shape and size can only be clarified. [Related recommendation] Learn more: Precautions for designing continuous stamping die (2) Learn more: 6 precautions for designing continuous stamping die Learn more: Analysis of the causes of stamping die burst
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