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The quality control of automobile panel stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2020-05-28
The quality control of automotive covering parts is the quality of covering parts according to the different characteristics of different measurement methods to measure the different covering parts process. Quality control methods are as follows: ( 1) The quality characteristics of automobile covering parts of raw materials is verified. In automotive covering parts forming process, need deep drawing for many times, so you need to influence and deep drawing stamping forming special parts for validation. According to inspection instruction is the raw material quality inspection items and methods, for the shape, size of raw materials, mechanical property test and chemical composition. Need to frequency and material standards. ( 2) Auto panel size. Usually four doors and two lid on car stamping size sampling, framework and standard sample for inspection, to determine the size of the panel whether meet the requirements. Standard framework is based on four doors and two cover the shape, size, and design and manufacture of assembly requirements. In order to ensure that four two cover automobile cover parts stamping size, should be regularly check the standard framework of measurement point. Standard sample should be used for calibration of points every day. Test results on the size of the standard framework and standard framework of test results as well as the standard framework of points measurement point of calibration results determined by related personnel. The dimensional stability, records and analysis. ( 3) Automotive covering parts product assembly position size. Four two cover, left and right sides, and the size of the car body stamping assembly location check usually by flexible probe and cantilever coordinates measuring instrument detection. The stability and the data analysis of the instrument is composed of three coordinates laboratory control on a regular basis. The panel shape is complex, difficult to manufacture and use of standard framework, so car companies often use a flexible test tool to measure the size of these parts. At present, foreign automobile enterprises has been widely used in laser measuring instrument for automobile body 100% of the measurement. On-line measurement system is currently widely used a measurement system in the world. A mainstream manufacturers widely used system of measurement, it is by means of the laser probe in the robot and camera, holes and grooves on the surface of a body of sampling and measurement. Compared with the three coordinate measuring, the body quality level had the very big enhancement. Online measurement system has the measuring time is short, 100%, real time deviation detection and real-time alarm, etc. Through the online measuring system and three coordinates measuring complementary advantages, can better grasp the size of the human condition, help to improve the quality of the size of the human body. It is important to note that each batch of automobile covering parts of various assembly test data should be in the same production conditions, and keep every batch of automobile production batches of various kinds of covering parts. Qualified panel shall be paid according to the batch number in order to trace test. Check all defects found in the product, should be carried out in accordance with the production batch record and analysis of the relevant departments shall take corrective measures and quality improvement at the same time.
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