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The quality of the phosphor copper shrapnel detection

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Phosphor copper shrapnel products are widely used in electronic industry, its phosphorus copper shrapnel product quality become one of the important standards of evaluation of electronic product quality. Any phosphorus copper shrapnel product failure will lead to the failure of the whole project system, causing immeasurable loss. Common projects affecting the quality of products are the following: 1. Product raw edges; Phosphor copper shrapnel flash products and plastic assembly, male female product docking impact retention or product does not rebound. 2. Product copper wire; Phosphor copper shrapnel copper wire products after assembly cannot control, phosphorus copper wire connection of two adjacent copper shrapnel, easy to cause the product after conducting a short-circuit. 3. Product stamps/scratch; Phosphor copper shrapnel stamps/scratch caused bad plating, product assembly effect after the appearance of the product. Its phosphorus copper shrapnel surface entities sag, and affect the product insert. Easy oxidation of the depression can affect the service life of the whole product. 4. Product size/shape; Phosphor copper shrapnel adverse or forming shape and size inspection specifications have differences, unable to reach a preliminary product design. Shrapnel elastic, life will be affected. To sum up, so in the process of production must be combined in order to prevent and analysis, strictly control the product quality.
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