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The reasons and characteristics of the hot-melt adhesive nose strips not degumming?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Name: n95 mask outer nose strip | N95 hot melt adhesive nose strip material: pure aluminum Features: smooth surface, no burrs, smooth elliptical corners, no scratches, no rebound from bending, good shaping effect. Scope of application: N95 masks, non-woven masks, flat masks. Product features: safety and environmental protection, in line with international standards. The shaping effect is good, it can effectively fit the mask and the facial skin, and can effectively block dust, smoke, flu viruses, etc. The hot-melt aluminum strip produced by the stamping manufacturer has the following characteristics: environmental protection, the glue can pass FDA food packaging grade glue Certification, true green environmental protection, creates the basic conditions for high-quality N95 masks. High strength. Compared with the same type of glue, the bonding strength of the nose bridge hot melt adhesive is 62% higher. It can easily bond the aluminum strip and the non-woven fabric into a whole. No drawing, easy to operate. Suitable for roller coating, continuous mass production, saving labor cost and labor cost. It has a low melting point and a softening point of 85°, which can perfectly fit the mask non-woven fabric at a lower temperature without damaging the non-woven fabric like high melting point glue. Article recommendation: What should the stamping parts processing manufacturers pay attention to when designing automobile cover molds? Previous post: What kind of regulations should be followed when processing stamping elbows?
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