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The reasons of errors occurring in stainless steel filter plate punching size analysis

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Dongguan stainless steel mesh factory stamping processing stainless steel filter plate, mesh, aluminum alloy wire mesh screen mesh, etc. Company has a number of experienced punching technician, can accurately calculate the how to arrange the mould according to customer requirements, and can solve various problems encountered in the process of production of smoothly. Stainless steel filter plate groove: : round hole, square hole, slotted hole, hexagonal hole groove, etc. Features: high strength, high temperature resistance, good appearance, etc. Stainless steel plates and filter mesh, mainly for the filter ( Press filter, horizontal blade type filter press, plate sealed filter, vibration slag discharge filter, automatic plate filter) The filtering equipment series. Most used for filtering, cleaning, etc. Generally cause of errors occurring in mesh is, in the process of punching workpiece by different degrees of damage, such material by pulling force in virtually increases a lot of workpiece material or distortions will appear, this kind of situation will lead to smaller hole. The pressure on the workpiece material is large, make the material deformation, this situation will lead to big punch; Reduce pressure punching will be smaller. When the end of the punch edge the present arc, the cutting force will be eased, but Pierce will appear deviation. The above is the cause of errors occurring in stainless steel filter plate punching, will rule out reason can quickly find the corresponding strategies to solve the problems.
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