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The requirements of the working parts of the stamping

by:Fortuna     2020-05-20
The requirements of the working parts of the stamping die mold working parts complete stamping process come into direct contact with the stamping materials, so the material has the following requirements: good abrasion resistance and heat treatment process performance, enough impact toughness, good machining properties and resistance to stick. Stamping, some materials ( Such as stainless steel) Ran a lot of pressure, heat due to friction, make the stamping material adhesion work in the die surface, make a severe strain on the surface of the impact, resulting in a decline in the service life of the mold. If not timely cleaning, will seriously affect the quality of stamping parts and die life. In addition, die general parts selection of materials should have certain mechanical performance and machining performance. Different performance requirements of stamping die on the material. If die high hardness, high wear resistance and impact toughness, such as deep drawing die require high wear resistance and adhesion resistance.
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