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The role of black metal spring leaf and handling

by:Fortuna     2021-02-04
Used in metal spring environment need to improve or change in appearance, corrosion resistance performance will require stamping manufacturer to do surface treatment. Leaf spring are commonly used to surface treatment is black. Black is a kind of commonly used chemical surface treatment method, a method of surface treatment of steel. Effect is the method of using chemical reaction make metal spring leaf generates a close layer of protective film, to prevent spring corroded. There are two black way, oxidation treatment and phosphating treatment. The two black finish of low cost, high production efficiency. Stamping spring leaf is the manufacturer of the commonly used oxidation treatment. Oxidation treatment method has: salt oxidation, non-alkali oxidation and electrolytic oxidation process. By using alkaline oxidation process. Phosphating will spring into a solution containing manganese, iron, zinc phosphate, on the metal surface to form a layer of insoluble in water of phosphate method called phosphating film. The appearance of the phosphating film is dark gray, gray or dark gray, not glossy. Black process widely used steel leaf spring, watches and clocks, pointer, balance spring, screw, instrument shell and some mechanical parts.
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