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The role of hydroforming technology for stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Hydroforming refers to a method of stamping sheet metal with liquid pressure instead of a rigid punch or die. It can carry out many stamping processes, such as bending, deep drawing, bulging of flat blanks, bulging of spatial blank shapes, etc. It can form various complex stamping parts, such as bellows. And it has the advantages of obtaining good surface quality of stamping parts, reducing processes, simplifying molds and not requiring special stamping equipment. Because the liquid acts directly on the parts, it is difficult to seal, and the operation process is much more complicated than the general steel mold and rubber mold. Therefore, it is not widely used in mass production. Hydroforming has more prominent advantages: First, in principle, the technology is isostatic forming, which relies on high-pressure media to change the shape of the sheet. The sheet is compressed in the normal direction and is in a three-way force state. It is good to improve the local forming, or it is conducive to forming more complicated covering parts; second, its forming principle and liquid medium change the traditional steel-steel contact forming method, which can effectively reduce sheet metal scratches and improve surface quality It is extremely advantageous; third, it improves the limitation of traditional stamping on the forming direction of stamping parts; fourth, it can form a variety of process contents at one time, which is beneficial to reduce the number of processes and stamping molds; fifth, the cold work hardening in forming is beneficial to improve Part strength. At the same time, judging from the current foreign applications, its production rhythm is not slow. However, hydroforming technology also has shortcomings. The limitations of its application are obvious: external liquid media and its corresponding devices are required; and it is necessary to carry out follow-up treatment of parts before welding; considering the impact on the on-site operating environment, it is not suitable for mass stamping parts processing. Recommended article: Why does the phenomenon of iron filings appear in the processing of electronic stamping parts? Previous post: Why does the phenomenon of iron filings appear in the processing of electronic stamping parts?
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