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The Secret Of Metal Stamping Parts


For stamping products, the production process, mold design and selection, procurement of various materials, surface treatment and other processes are all very important. Whether it is production, design or material selection, Dongguan Fortuna has a first-class level . Next We will discuss stamping parts that you don’t know about .

About precision stamping parts processing

1. We attach great importance to early development work. For every new product launch, we will set up a project team to carry out special follow-up. For the development and manufacturing of metal stamping parts, we have gathered

the company's experienced engineers in mold design and manufacturing, process engineering, etc. to produce detailed and rigorous product DFM reports.

2. In terms of mold design, we have accumulated rich design and manufacturing experience. We use 3D design software to develop and design molds. We have a strong knowledge base, have brought together many cutting-edge mold structures, 

and have the basic strength to develop various complex precision stamping parts. We use Mitsubishi slow wire cutting, Makino EDM and other equipment to process mold parts, and use German Zeiss CMM, high-precision Rockwell hardness tester

 and other equipment to conduct quality inspection of mold parts to ensure that the accuracy of the mold meets manufacturing requirements.

3. After the customer confirms that the sample is qualified, we will proceed to mass production. We use imported high-speed punching machines for stamping production, which can reach 800-1200/min. The production efficiency is greatly improved,

 which can fully meet the urgent production needs of customers.

Stamping mold design steps

1.First look for raw materials for mold design.The stamping ability of the product , check the formulation of the process and whether the sketches of each process are reasonable. If the stamping process is found to be poor or the

formulated process is unreasonable, modifications need to be made. Only in this way can product design, process preparation, mold design and mold manufacturing be better combined;

3. Carry out relevant process calculations for each process according to the work content specified in the stamping process card;

4. Draw assembly drawings of stamping molds and other mold parts;

5. Check the mold drawings. After the mold drawing design is completed, it needs to be inspected. This is an important step in stamping design.

6. Write a stamping design calculation manual, which is an important technical document, especially some important parts of the process formula and mold design; after the design work is completed, a design calculation manual should also be compiled for future reference;

Selection of processing materials

1.Hardness of material

The material selection of stamping parts is first based on the material required by the customer, and then the most suitable part of this type of material is selected, because for stamping parts processing , material selection is a very important step and is

 also a very critical measurement element. In terms of hardness measurement, we can use a Barcol hardness tester or a Rockwell hardness tester to test materials.

2. Molding properties of materials

When selecting stamping materials, you need to carefully understand the molding properties of the materials, which has a very important impact on the quality of stamping products. When selecting, you can test the bending performance of the material

 and select molding materials with good performance.

Surface treatment of metal stamping parts

1.Product electroplating 

electroplating is a process that uses electrolysis to deposit metal or alloy on the surface of a workpiece to form a uniform, dense, and well-bonded metal layer . Through surface coating electroplating, the surface properties or dimensions of the raw

 materials are changed. Its main purpose is to prevent the product from wearing out during use , enhance the corrosion resistance of the original product metal (coated metals are mostly corrosion-resistant metals), make the product stronger , and also

 enhance the product's conductivity and heat resistance . It can improve the surface aesthetics of the product.

2. Common electroplating layers

(1)Copper plating: used for primer, mainly to promote the coating ability and corrosion resistance of the electroplated layer in the future. (Because copper is easily oxidized and no longer conducts electricity after oxidation, copper products must be

 protected with copper)

(2)Nickel plating: used for foundation or appearance to improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance (the wear resistance of electroless nickel plating exceeds that of chromium plating in modern processes). (Note that many electronic products,

 such as DIN connectors, N connectors, etc., no longer use nickel as the base. This is mainly due to the deviation of nickel, which will affect the electrical performance of passive inter-modulation)

(3)Gold plating: Improve conductive contact resistance for signal transmission. (While gold is stable, it is expensive.)

(4)Tin plating: Bright tin and matte tin plating are currently mainly used to improve future welding capabilities and are widely used.

(5)Silver plating: Silver has very good properties. Although it is easily oxidized, it can also conduct electricity after oxidation. Silver plating can improve conductive contact and enhance signal transmission.

3. cleaning the surface materials

Cleaning is a technology that uses mechanical, physical, chemical or electronic chemical methods to remove grease and other dirt attached to the surface of equipment and its parts. Cleaning is widely used in the maintenance of equipment parts,

 including metal parts, electronic and electrical equipment, etc. In addition, cleaning can also provide a clean surface for subsequent surface engineering treatment of equipment parts.

Machine operation precautions

1. Before operation, the operator should check whether all moving parts of the machine have been filled with lubricating oil, start up and check whether the clutch and brake of the machine are operating normally.

2. Operators should always be vigilant when working and pay attention to safety accidents that may occur during operation. They must maintain a good mental state and must not be distracted. They must not operate in a state of irritability or fatigue to

 avoid accidents. When the machine is running, no part of the body can touch the working area, let alone touch it directly with hands. At the same time, other staff are not allowed to enter the machine operating area without reason, and are not allowed

 to change switches at will or touch the moving parts of the machine.

3. For daily mold replacement, you must first turn off the power of the machine and wait for the machine to completely stop operating before proceeding with subsequent operations and starting mold debugging. After the mold is installed, check whether

 the mold position is symmetrical and cannot shift. Keep the screws fixed and in a reasonable position. Mold installation and disassembly must be performed in a standardized manner and standard operating tools must be used.

4. When the operator leaves work, he must turn off the power and clean up the remaining debris and waste to ensure that the machine does not malfunction and the working environment is orderly.

After listening to the above introduction, do you have a deeper understanding of metal stamping? If you want to know more about mental stamping, you can consult Dongguan Fortuna Mentals Co., Ltd. Our core technical team has focused on precision

metal stamping for more than 20 years and has dozens of precision punching machines, automation equipment and processing machinery. Over the decades, our team has accumulated rich precision mold technology, which also laid the foundation for our product quality to meet the needs of global customers.

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