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The seven prominent characteristics of metal stamping mould

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Of the seven prominent feature of metal stamping mould ( 1) High efficiency per unit time to complete the number of parts or the technology content is higher than that of general processing way several times, even hundreds of thousands of times. And metal stamping process can also be on a set of stamping die with a mold piece and process content by processing the way to further improve the production efficiency. ( 2) Product quality is stable, good compatibility with metal stamping die forming products, factors which affect product quality, less harmful levels low. Some factors may take appropriate measures to correct, make the product quality control in the range of the ideal product quality can effectively ensure the stability of compatibility. Good compatibility is the basic guarantee for the mass production assembly line. At the same time conducive to product maintenance, replacement. ( 3) High material utilization by layout in different ways, such as: cross, oblique, much, mix, suit cut, even no waste layout, can effectively improve the utilization rate of material and reduce the material cost of the products. ( 4) Materials without heating in general, when stamping operations, materials without heating. Such not only can save energy, reduce heating equipment and venues, also can avoid products due to the heating surface oxidation, burns and deformation of the shape size is not stable. Can also prevent the negative influence of the mold due to temperature rise. ( 5) Stamping parts and mechanical performance is improved, affected by metal stamping as hardening of the phenomenon, stamping surface tightly, hardness and wear resistance increase, stamping parts of the strength and rigidity are also improved. ( 6) To adapt to the range for a lot of stamping products. Can solve many general machining are unable or difficult to complete processing content, especially for some thin, soft, hard, strange, the tiny parts, or non-metallic materials processing and forming of the parts, metal stamping is a very strong processing forming method. ( 7) Simple operation, low labor intensity of workers, the product forming process and basic quality of most of the mold and stamping equipment to ensure that operation is the basic action is the same, and not affected by product complexity. Operators need certain technical requirements, through on-the-job training, before mount guard operation. Dongguan precision co. , LTD. , professional design and manufacture of high-speed metal stamping mold, precision terminal, and precision shrapnel, etc. Company in order to ensure product quality, control production line, to ensure that each product quality qualification, consultation hotline: 400 - 862 - 1890 /. The company's web site:
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