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The ship successfully launched - military electronic products - Can load 100000 tons

by:Fortuna     2021-02-03
The ship successfully launched - military electronic products - Can load 100000 tons' new guanghua, is currently the largest tribes of military electronic products, in the field of it's billed as the world's second semi-submersible vessel. Its body length 255 meters, 68 meters wide, and can load 98000 tons, the deck area of 13500 square meters, can say it can be equivalent to that of the carrier. Semi-submersible vessel is involved in the critical surface and underwater vessels, it can only be half creep in. Is specialized is engaged in the transportation large ships being overweight and not split loading ships carrying ocean big move measures or ships. Its simple principle to make it work is particularly convex function, because he is also a disadvantage on the role of the special number then, even if the world is only a few. China has insisted that military foreign policy of peace, there is no set up overseas military bases. So some people say that semi-submersible vessel for Chinese makes no sense. But in recent years, many countries in the disturbance of the south China sea, south China sea also need to guard, we two years ago, the east island, officially joined the south China sea fleet fight sequences, to defend the south China sea is an important force, under the background of civil-military integration load one hundred thousand tons of new guanghua, part indispensable military electronic guard their territory of China.
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