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The stamping mold what is the actual role

by:Fortuna     2020-04-26
Metal stamping die is material processing into parts of special process equipment, metal stamping parts made from metal stamping die, in the case of metal stamping die, they may be very strange, metal stamping die according to the shape of the matrix, or the shape of the finished product stamping direct copy billet, material itself only has a local plastic deformation of the mold. Such as punch, die cutting, flaring spray nozzle, mould to form a wavy, die die, die cutting machine, metal stamping mold is a mold, the plank of the billet, as an open hollow components or further change in shape and size of hollow components, bending die along a straight line to make grey board or other billet deformation, in order to obtain a certain Angle and shape of the workpiece in the mould, and stamping parts machining mainly material is hot rolled or cold rolled, cold rolled at present mainly is the metal strip. Now of the carbon steel plate, plate spring galvanized steel, tin, copper and copper aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy plate, etc, make the stamping parts do not produce burr, low material consumption, there is no other heating equipment is a must, so it is saving material, energy-saving methods, for the use of stamping parts processing equipment, magnetic polishing machine adopts magnetic ultrafine grinding needle, produce high flow rotation, vibration, floating roller, artifacts in the holes on the surface of the workpiece, as well as the internal and external surfaces of the tooth, friction, uneven surface cleaning, degreasing, deburring, grinding and other precision polishing effect, thoroughly solved the problems of the traditional polishing, how to effectively solve the stamping parts of the dead Angle, polishing and rectifier hole, blind hole and a series of artifacts damaged problems, polishing efficiency and improve product quality, due to the different artifacts, rework process, used in grinding tool is different, so in the production and processing, there will be many different problems, so be handled according to the actual situation.
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