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The stamping parts processing factory takes you to see the influence of the edge value on the stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Stamping parts processing plants, processing metal stamping parts, metal stamping parts, automobile and motorcycle parts, etc. With the development of society, stamping products have developed into all walks of life. Some professional knowledge of stamping parts processing industry requires our technicians to be familiar with and master. Today we Let's take a look at what effect does the border value have on stamping parts? The craft waste left between the blanking parts and between the blanking parts and the side of the strip is called the overlapped edge. The function of lap edge is to compensate positioning error and shearing error to ensure that qualified stamping parts are punched out; the second is to increase the rigidity of the strip to facilitate the feeding of the strip and improve labor productivity; at the same time, the lap can also avoid blanking. The burrs on the edge of the strip are pulled into the mold gap, thereby increasing the life of the mold. The tapping value has a great influence on the punching process and the quality of stamping parts, so the tapping value must be determined reasonably. Too large laps, low material utilization; too small laps, the strength and rigidity of the stamping parts are not enough, and it is easy to warp or be broken during punching, which will not only increase the burrs of the stamping parts, but sometimes even pull it into the mold unilaterally The gap causes uneven punching force and damages the cutting edge of the die. According to production statistics, the life of the die when the normal edge is punched is more than 50% longer than that of the non-over edge blanking. Factors affecting the tie-up value ① The mechanical properties of the material. The edge value of hard materials can be smaller; the edge value of soft materials and brittle materials is larger. ② Material thickness. The thicker the material, the greater the edge value. ③ The shape and size of the stamping parts, the more complex the shape of the stamping part, the smaller the fillet radius, and the larger the edge value. ④ Feeding and blocking methods. With manual feeding, the lap value with the side pressure device can be smaller; the side edge fixed distance is smaller than the lap edge fixed distance with the stopper pin. ⑤ Unloading method. The elastic discharge has a smaller overlap than the rigid discharge. Article recommendation: Are auto panels just auto stamping parts? Previous post: What are the surface quality requirements of the cover parts in the automotive stamping parts?
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