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The stamping parts processing plant introduces the reason for the cracking of the cover part when it is formed?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Stamping parts processing plants, processing metal stamping parts, sheet metal parts, stainless steel parts, today we look at the causes and solutions for the cracking of the cover parts in the processing and forming of automobile stamping parts; one, the stamping parts processing plant briefly, The cracking of the cover during forming is caused by excessive local tensile stress, and the excessive local tensile stress leads to local large bulging deformation and cracking. Cracking mainly occurs in the rounded corners, and the thickness of the cracked parts becomes very thin. If the contact area between the punch and the blank is too small, the drawing resistance is too large, etc., it may cause the material to locally bulge and deform too much and crack. There are also reasons such as excessive drawing resistance, too small rounded corners of the die, or too small gap between the punch and the die, etc. to cause the entire ring to rupture. 2. In order to prevent cracking, corresponding measures should be taken from various aspects such as the structure, forming process and mold design of the covering parts in the automobile stamping parts. The measures that can be taken from the structure of the cover are: a. When designing the corner radius of the stamping part, the stamping parts processing plant should be larger; b. The actual depth of the curved surface shape in the drawing direction should be shallower; c. Everywhere The depth should be uniform; d. The shape should be as simple as possible and the change should be as gentle as possible. The main measures that the stamping parts processing plant can take in the drawing process are: a. The drawing direction makes the contact area between the punch and the blank as large as possible; b. The reasonable shape of the blanking surface and the blank holder force make each part of the blanking surface The resistance is uniform and moderate; c. Reduce the drawing depth; d. Open process holes and process cuts. 3. In the stamping part mold design, the stamping parts processing plant can take measures such as reasonable design of deepening ribs, using larger mold fillets, and reasonable clearance between the punch and the female mold. Article recommendation: What are the principles that should be followed for layout design in stamping parts processing? Previous post: What are the conditions that affect the deep drawing of deep-drawn metal stamping parts?
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