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The stamping parts processing plant talk about the craftsmanship of the blanking parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The manufacturability of the blanking parts mentioned by the stamping parts processing plant refers to the adaptability of the blanking parts to the stamping forming process. The geometry, size and accuracy of the blanking parts have a great influence on the stamping process. The blanking parts have good manufacturability, which is conducive to saving materials, reducing the number of product processes, improving the life and product quality of the mold, and reducing the mold and product With the refinement of the social division of labor, customers have higher and higher requirements for stamping products. The manufacturability of blanking parts belongs to product manufacturability, and the mold and blanking process are designed according to the product, that is to say Blanking parts are generally designed by professional product designers in stamping parts processing plants. The processability of blanking parts is also determined by the product designer before entering the mold design stage. The actual production process has been divided into labor; modern mold design The manufacturability of the product is mainly determined by the manufacturability of the product. In the mold design, the structure and process of the product cannot be changed at will, that is, the manufacturability of the stamping product must be strictly observed when the mold is designed; the manufacturability of the blanking part requires itself to be able to The production is carried out through the conventional process, and the relevant manufacturability in the production process must be considered. Recommended article: Introduction to several materials for making metal stamping parts Previous: What aspects do you choose for stamping parts?
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