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The stamping production as well as the principles of fine precision, fine degrees

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping production actually not difficult, as long as ready to related material, and operated in strict accordance with the stamping process, some simple stamping parts can be basically completed. Stamping processing technology in the process of actual operation, involving material has many, each has different characteristics, so at the time of making stamping to attention. Now with more stamping production material is ordinary manufacture, by a steel cylinder after cold rolling mill of continuous rolling of plate, because the material surface without any protection, so when it is exposed to the air in the susceptible to oxidation, so before stamping need to spray paint, plating and other processing. Since stamping parts gradually toward large-scale and complicated development, for stamping parts quality requirements also more and more strict, in order to achieve these goals, stamping manufacturer also based on this, advances the relevant quality control principles, including the precision of the stamping parts, precision and degree of fine. In order to meet the principle of precision stamping parts, the number of working procedure in the production process after stamping process calculation is needed to determine, because it not only with material nature, deep drawing factors, such as height, number of deep drawing step will involve drawing condition such as diameter, the thickness of the material. And fine principles about stamping parts, as the number of bending part of the process mainly depends on the shape of the structure complexity, so we need according to the bending Angle, the relative position and the number of factors such as comprehensive consideration to determine the bending direction. Now that has reached the requirement of precision, fine, nature can not ignore the fine principle. When pressing the cross section quality and dimensional accuracy is high, can consider to add finishing process after blanking process, or direct the fine blanking process, to obtain the fine stamping, adding to its value.
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