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The stamping technology and its root causes

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Four, trimming the necessity of the coil system by ah branch office need the width dimension of cutting after rolling, so the edge of the coil side retained the uneven stress and burrs on stamping work station transmitting and stamping of uneven, lead to stress release, then make the strip stress deformation. Another for material handling and stack way: material marginal by outside force collision deforms, the linearity of sectional cutting are affected by material properties difference, so in ensuring continuous molded products homogeneity and consideration, will impose appropriate trimming work station. Five, the fine & bull; Round hole of the obstruction caused by blanking of the path is not smooth attle chariot, overlapping blanking mouths are, by the increasing, the number of blanking force will punch squeeze caused sharp bend fracture. Below mode: a, and the size of the blanking slope b, the length of the straight edge of c, back mould seat escape hole size d, cutting oil, the viscosity of e, the outline of punching and shearing f, blanking excessive reverse, etc. , influence the blanking of difficulty. Six, bad Angle: when finished product requires acute Angle, often because of cutting tool processing limits and the tip of the corner shearing stress concentration, the product can't reach the request of the sharp of punching and shearing and tensile stress down into a die roll. Generally divided into blocks to overcome its high corner, or to reduce clearance experience value, when the other corner demanding strip plate can also adopt segmentation grinding way to narrow the R arc. For thicker material may also impose heavier pressure material shear or secondary trimming die cutting force, the high-speed stamping can improve, if allow the blade or failure and a smaller shear Angle can be palliative measures. Seven, cuttings, in stamping process, due to a lack of coordination mold, material, machine characteristics caused by friction in high-speed rushed to material extensions such as scraping, rub down, pressure, grinding and other diseases to make marginal, strip surface, burrs, forced out of grain, coating, etc, due to the small volume, in the long-term accumulation in the stamping, either to the die life, the size of the finished product appearance and functional plating are serious Achilles' heel. Common reasons are: a, punching and shearing clearance b, under the bending punch die corner without eliminating friction c, repeated cutting cutting blade die d, too much burrs e, crossing the gap is too small f, cutting tool machining marks and surface roughness of polishing h g, bending clearance, guide pin blow grind I, material hardness parts friction flake k j, mould itself, guide bush aluminium scraps special remind: dongguan for large metal stamping parts and deep high tensile) with more than a decade of professional and technical level, can better for the new and old customers for big, thick pieces of aggravation. Professional large precision metal stamping and LED stent production professional website: contact: 18925751491 li
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