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The standardization of the stamping factory picking moving material

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Stamping factory picking the standardization of the move is expected to stamping factory acquisition is expected to move standardization and routinization production homework for us to follow. 1, must wear gloves before handling raw material copper ( Prevent the oxidation of the finger scratched or material) 。 2, before the transportation of raw materials, raw materials must be put first and the wooden pallet. ( It is forbidden to place on the mold or placed directly and forklift, easy slip in the transport process, resulting in injury or raw material deformation) 3, to place higher raw material, can only use | electric forklift truck ( Electric hoist) Handling. ( Are strictly prohibited for handling, easy to cause injury or raw material deformation) 4, must be used before the transport height adjustment, to buy and the pallet. ( If higher than the pallet, when put into the impact of raw materials, resulting in raw material deformation) 5, be sure to check for and to recipients of raw materials, not only check the part. ( Some of the raw material thickness and width, but different material) 6, the raw material must be weighed before out of the warehouse, fill in the material requisition. More precise content in:
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