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The sub healthy state of our country small and medium-sized business: hardware industry need to wake up

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
23 the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published 'China's small and medium-sized enterprise management operating health survey ( 2009). ', according to 2009 small and medium-sized enterprises in our country health index to an average of 6. 57, in & amp; 宝贝, Sub-health status & amp; ”, 。 The survey to small and medium-sized enterprise inventory turnover, accounts receivable turnover, operating profit margin, sales growth and profit growth of 5 indexes are analyzed. According to the index design, out of 10 points and eight points for health, 5 points below are not healthy. The survey also shows that our country small and medium-sized enterprise operational management level and management level has a big gap between the advanced countries, 68% of small and medium-sized enterprise cost is on the rise, small and medium-sized enterprises generally feel money is tight, inventory takes up more money. Hardware companies are mostly belongs to the small and medium-sized enterprises in our country, this report, to a large extent also stimulates the hardware companies operating in the coming year, China's hardware industry as labor-intensive industry, adjust and optimize the structure of hardware industry, promote industrial upgrading, training and the introduction of hardware professionals, promote intellectual capital factors. A: on the approval of the State Council 22 cities metro planning specific list
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