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The technical requirement of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Dongguan the technical conditions of metal stamping parts of the content and the use range of 1. 1 the provisions of this technical conditions of the company products used in metal and non-metallic sheet goods made of profiles used in cold stamping processing method to build ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'stamping parts') Technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, storage and transportation general requirements, etc. 1. 2 this technical proposal pieces do not apply to the fine blanking method processing of stamping parts. 1. 3 the technical conditions on product referenced in the effective design and other technical conditions, tagging method for 'cold stamping parts meet OCYD. 599. 000 'reference. JB4378 metal elements of GB/T13914 - cold stamping parts structure Stamping tolerance GB188-92 89 general standard of tolerance and fit tolerance and basic deviation GB1804 - 92 general linear dimension tolerance not note tolerances GB4129 - Stamping burr height GB2828-85 87 batch-by-batch inspection counting sampling procedure and sample table 3 requirements. 3. 1 use of the raw materials of stamping parts should accord with the requirement of product design, should have warranty or physical and chemical test report, it can ensure the materials meet the standard requirements in time, when no quality certificate or other reasons, should entrust a third party authority quality to conduct physical and chemical test. 3. 2 the shape and size. A, stamping parts of the shape and size should comply with the regulations of the product design. B, stamping parts of the shape and size restrictions should pay attention to the process, should follow the JB4378 - for sheet metal design 87 'metal cold stamping structural elements' the provisions of the standard, for the metal profiles, pipe fittings and non-metallic sheet can be reference to c reference to this standard. C stamping parts of the shape and size tolerance in accordance with GB/T13914 - 92 'stamping size tolerance' regulation, nonmetal sheet can also be reference to this standard, at the same time, the shape and size tolerance of stamping executable GB1800 - 79 'general standard tolerance of tolerance and fit and basic deviation' article 31 and GB1804 - 92 the general linear dimension tolerance not note tolerances. 3. 3 the surface quality. In addition to the blunt section, stamping surface condition requirements consistent with the materials used. In the process of forming allow a slight stretch knit road and small surface roughness. Surface of stamping parts processing, such as cleaning, acid cleaning, degreasing, phosphating, paint, oxidation and requirements, such as metal should be specified in the technical requirements of product design. 3. 4 metal stamping burr height limit value should meet GB4129 - 85 'stamping burr height' regulation, and asked to choose the level of machining accuracy, if there is no burr, need to adopt measures to remove the burr process. 3. Five sections blanking pieces. When has nothing to do with the quality and assembly, the inclination of the cross section does not make the inspection. Allow the blanking die and punch punch side have natural foot and tilt. 3. 6 curve under the condition of does not affect the assembly quality, stamping parts allow a slight bend deformation, such as edge protruding material thickness change, hole is slightly stretched when are not allowed to edge out, can add process measures to solve before bending, for bending the rod parts, allowing a very slight distortions. A: metal stamping parts counting requirements
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