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The three basic properties of the power connector terminals

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Three basic properties of the power connector terminal connector as a bridge of communication and the connection between the electrical source now, we are also more and more like it closely combining with actual production performance, current and signal transmission is the main performance of the function of the connector, modern connector can be basically the two transfer functions at the same time, some need to switch to choose, or directly to achieve synchronization, according to the needs of the users, producers to improve their own level, now do the humanized design, production and practice closely together, and its three basic performance also got effective play. , in the three basic properties of the connector and the mechanical performance and environment performance belongs to the external performance, and electrical properties is internal performance, also is the core of the function, but external performance is the guarantee, left the external support and guarantee the performance of also can more effectively use their core capabilities. The two complement each other, the relationship between each other repair Taiwan, complete the tasks together, together play a very important role to complete the task, the three organically, the highest efficiency, and the three missing any one that performance will be restricted, even destructive role. On mechanical properties of connector performance is mainly two aspects, one is two points, mainly to facilitate the process of, and points to be divided into two cases, one is active, is we should disconnect the connector active, another is passive, it is the objective factors of the port loading, sparked off, so this situation requires that we cannot so easily disturbed, so the design goal is different, after the moderate strength as convenient as possible, and disconnect when not too easy, takes initiative to have a guarantee of safety production. Connectors of the environmental performance is mainly adaptability, if the stronger the ability to adapt to bad environment, will be more in line with the actual production, on the contrary. And electrical performance of connector, this according to the actual need to carry on the design and selection of different production is more appropriate, if the purpose of pure choose simple connector is more economical and practical, if you want to use the multi-function of the choice of the comprehensive connector will be useful.
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