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The Two Indispensable Power Of Metal Stamping Parts


Regarding metal stamping parts, what we are most familiar with is the type of product used. What we see every day are also molded and made hardware products. 

But today we will learn from the source about the two most important aspects of making precision metal stamping parts. Magic weapon - progressive die and electric discharge cutting. Moreover, as a benchmark in the hardware stamping industry,

the quality and appearance of Fortuna’s products are highly praised by suppliers, which is also due to the application of these two tools. 

It is precisely because Fortuna focuses on improving the accuracy and quality of its products that it is so proficient in the technical mastery of these key equipments.

1. Progressive die

progressive dies is to meet the needs of automated applications and produce and process large quantities of stamped parts, thereby saving human resources and time costs. From the perspective of the working principle of the progressive die, 

the sheet metal material is fed into the machine, and through a series of processes such as machine perforation, cutting, and bending, the customized metal stamping parts are output one by one, and the cycle repeats to form multiple customized

 stampings. metallic parts. Compared with other stamping dies, progressive dies can be adapted to the processing of a variety of materials, such as brass , red copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel and other materials, and its stamping parts

 have always been products suitable for many industries, becoming aerospace, The best choice for many industries such as consumer electronics and automobile industry.

Advantages of using progressive die stamping:

(1) Product production efficiency is high

Since the use of progressive die processing is a process of automatic feeding and automatic stamping, it can not only complete the complex stamping process, but also reduce the two links of intermediate transfer and repeated positioning, 

greatly saving labor costs and improving product production efficiency. 

(2) Simple operation

 Since the progressive die is equipped with automatic detection equipment, when a metal stamping accident occurs, the machine will automatically stop without the operator reaching into the dangerous area.

(3)Long mold service life

Although the internal structure of the progressive die is relatively complex, it can be stamped step by step according to different needs and different station selections, 

and can be changed in time, thereby improving the strength and service life of the mold.

(4) High quality parts

 Progressive die processing completes all the forming processes of the workpiece in one mold, overcoming the inconvenience and accumulated errors caused by multiple positionings in the past single-process molds. 

The most important thing is that the mold has high guiding accuracy and positioning accuracy, which can ensure the processing accuracy of metal stamping parts.

(5) Reduce production costs

Due to higher productivity and the degree of automation of progressive dies, less equipment and operators are required, so the cost of mass-producing stamped parts is relatively low.

2. Electrical discharge cutting technology

an important processing technology in metal stamping , wire electric discharge cutting can produce parts with a precision that cannot be achieved by general mechanical processing technology.

 Moreover, the range of processing applications is relatively wide, and it is indispensable in the processing of precision metal stamping parts. of . Fortuna uses Swiss Charmilles slow wire cutting, 

Makino EDM and other equipment to process mold parts, which can ensure the accuracy of mold processing.

The popularity of wire EDM machining depends entirely on its advantages :

(1)The electrode of wire EDM uses 0.03~0.35mm metal wire, which greatly reduces the time for processing special electrodes and improves equipment production efficiency.

(2)The equipment can process a wide range of products and is not affected by the hardness of the material. Conductive materials that are difficult to process can also be used. The production process can also be heat treated before processing,

 which can completely avoid product deformation problems.

(3)Compared with fast wire-traveling, even if slow-travel wire cannot be recycled, its product accuracy cannot be achieved by fast wire-traveling, and its processed products can reach micron level precision.

(4)Extremely safe.The working fluid of wire cutting is a non-flammable liquid, which can realize unmanned operation.

(5) Save materials. Since the metal wire is only about 0.3mm, the cutting edge of the product is very small after processing, which greatly improves material utilization and reduces material costs. 

This feature gives wire EDM processing of precious metals advantages that other processing cannot match.

After briefly introducing the advantages of EDM, we have to introduce the equipment with the most representative advantages in EDM cutting - slow wire cutting. 

Slow wire cutting uses a continuous thin metal wire as an electrode to perform pulse spark discharge on metal workpieces to cut and shape the products. It is mainly suitable for processing various high-precision parts.

The characteristics of slow wire cutting machines are also very obvious:

1.Using nanosecond-level large peak current pulse power supply technology and anti-electrolysis (BS) pulse power supply technology, the surface processing quality of metal stamping parts is becoming increasingly fine and smooth;

2.Continuously optimize and improve the angle details of the product through multiple cutting technology and corner processing technology; use technology to improve straightness to highlight the highlights of the product;

 the structure of the processing machine tool is more precise;

3. It can fully meet the processing of various types of products such as high-processing, large-thickness workpieces, and workpieces with varying thicknesses , and the processing efficiency is significantly improved.

Fortuna's ability to produce metal stamping parts that are superior to other manufacturers is also due to our emphasis on equipment upgrades and high-precision requirements for metal stamping parts. 

For more information and product information about metal stamping, you can go to our website for details learn.

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