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The unique advantages of cold stamping die

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Metal stamping parts size accuracy refers to the metal stamping parts and basic size of the actual size difference, the smaller the difference, then the higher the precision metal stamping parts size. The main factors are: stamping parts size error of convex and concave die manufacturing precision; Convex and concave die clearance; After stamping materials elastic recovery; The accidental factors in the process of production, such as inaccurate positioning, material performance is not stable. Dimension precision metal stamping parts generally can be divided into two categories, precision level and common. Precision level is on the stamping technology can achieve the precision, and regular grade is can use economic means to achieve accuracy. When high precision mould manufacturing, stamping parts dimension accuracy can reach ITl0 level, inner hole size can achieve IT9 level. Stamping products also get extensive application in the field of various products, such as general machinery manufacturing, electronics, instruments, meters, aviation, aerospace, household appliances, office accessories, children's toys, medical equipment, daily necessities, as well as vehicles, ships manufacture, etc. Moreover, some products with the composition of stamping parts also occupy a larger proportion. The application of stamping products, also for production promotion enterprise's comprehensive strength and market competitiveness provides powerful help. Dongguan metal stamping parts surface quality should not be higher than that of the surface quality of raw materials, or need to increase the subsequent processing to achieve, increased the cost of production. Cold stamping die due to the uniqueness of product with cold stamping die forming, high production efficiency, product quality is stable, high material utilization, low cost and simple operation, and other products forming, has very obvious advantages. Especially for some special materials and parts, is almost the only alternative way of forming. So the mechanical processing industry has become an indispensable important means of forming, occupies an irreplaceable important position. A: on the plight of the stamping parts
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