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The use of precision stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-04-29
Precision stamping parts news industry, use and technology can be classified as electronic parts, IC lead frame type, motor core type, iron core type, heat exchanger fins, electrical appliances, auto parts, home appliance parts, and other types. Part includes connecting equipment, connectors, brushes, electrical terminals, and flexible parts.
The integrated circuit lead frame of the lead frame is composed of discrete devices and the integrated circuit lead frame. Mainly include single-phase series excitation motor cores of motor cores, household single-phase single-phase shaded pole motor cores, motor cores, permanent magnet DC motor cores, industrial motor cores, and plastic sealed stator cores. The device is mainly composed of e-shaped iron core transformer core, EI transformer core, -transformer core, transformer and other chips. The fin heat exchanger is composed of the main industrial heat exchanger fins, heat exchanger fins and heat sinks of the heat exchanger for domestic automobiles. Auto parts mainly include auto parts and functional parts of automobiles. Home appliance parts include all parts, such as color picture tube electron gun parts and small electrical parts, various structures and functional parts. The other parts are composed of instrument parts, acoustics, camera parts, and modern office hardware.
High-precision stamping technology has a variety of varieties, materials, unlimited sheet metal coils, automation, batch, high-precision, complex shapes, high-tech content, and the diversity of value-added functions.
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