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The use of stamping requirements and running smoothly

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping with hardware fittings in accordance with the current scale type, specification and function with the designated, and match the selection of window of model steel door. Hardware accessories after gold should device, door locks, handles, etc should be put in window door leaf into the box, ensure the position accurately, switch power. Push-pull window of width more than 1 meter, or device of double deck glass Windows and doors, should set up the double pulley, or turn the pulley. Stamping on the job with screw fastening device hardware, with metal liner, liner thickness should be greater than fasteners teeth at least twice the distance. May not tighten on the plastic material, may not take the nonmetal lining. Metal stamping device after care, care to avoid rust decay. To light off light when it is applied in daily, to avoid hard off the hard drive, cause damage. No noise, had at the beginning of the nylon wheel. It not only push and pull up the noise, and smooth, lightweight, application of various pulley above than short life. To make ( The door) Window deformities. Safe operation, to give, The door) Choose a window pulley of high moral character. Inferior pulley from the nominal, analogy is coarse. Well lubricated. Slide up to no motor, small and light. Stamping application request 1, blanking: is a process with the hot stamping forming, sheet will be required for stamping out blank. 2, austenitizing: include heating and heat preservation in two stages. The goal of the process is the steel plate heated to a suitable temperature, make steel plate complete austenitizing, and good plasticity. After 3, transfer: refers to the heating of the heating furnace of steel pulled out into the hot forming die of. In this procedure, must guarantee the steel plate was quickly transferred to die as far as possible, on the other hand is so as to avoid oxidation under high temperature of steel plate, at the same time is to ensure that when the steel plate in forming under high temperature, is still in compare to exist good plasticity. 4, punching and quenching: after put steel in the mold, immediately on steel plate stamping forming, in case the temperature down so many can affect steel plate forming machine. Molding mould to us after the holding time, on the other hand is to control the appearance of the whole machine, at the same time is set in application of mould cooling installation to quenching of steel plate, so the form to the martensite structure, good dimensional accuracy and mechanical function.
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