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The use of the spring in the stainless steel terminal mold

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
In coining terminal of a stainless steel stamping mould need more elastic material, including all kinds of different specifications of the spring, according to the different needs to choose different spring. As bending, punching by ordinary flat wire springs. Spring including flat wire spring, wire spring, spring is the purpose of the stripping, pressure and spring force, the size of the relationship between the success or failure of mold production, the production of stainless steel terminal product is qualified and so on. Spring force is small, may be the cause of deformation of stainless steel terminal products, mould stripping, stainless steel terminal bad product out of the mold inside, pick-up, blade, the punch is easy to wear and other problems. Flat wire springs are generally according to the color is divided into: brown, green, red, blue, yellow, force is abate, in turn, different colors strength size is different, different amount of compression. Check the amount of compression spring general practices for: measuring the total height of spring in advance, then put the spring vise, lock, and then the spring is measured with a caliper is dead after the rest of the length, with a total length of the spring, less the number, amount for a quick spring compression. Compression amount divided by the total length for a quick spring compression ratio, this way any spring gm, such as the spring length of 60 mm, brown was vice clamp should be 45 left after death. 6 or so, then you could use 60 minus 45. 6 is equal to 14. 4, this is the amount of compression, and then with 14. Four divided by 60, the result is zero. 24, this is the compression ratio. Want to know more about the use of the spring in the stainless steel terminal mold? Please continue to read: spring applications in stainless steel mould.
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