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The working principle of relay

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Relay ( English name: relay) Is a kind of electric control device, is that when the input ( Incentive amount) Changes to specified requirements, make the accused in the electrical output circuit in a predetermined amount of step change of a kind of electrical appliances. It has a control system ( Also called input circuit) And control system ( Is also called the output circuit) The interaction between. Usually used in automatic control circuit, it is actually with a small current to control large current operation of a 'automatic switch. In a circuit plays an automatic adjustment, safety protection, conversion circuit, and so on. 1. Electromagnetic relay: the input circuit circuit in electromagnet iron core and the effects of the suction between armature and a electrical relay work. 2. Solid state relay: refers to the electronic components to fulfill its function without mechanical motion artifacts, input and output the isolation of a relay. 3. Temperature relay: when ambient temperature reaches a given value from time to time relay action. 4. Reed relay: using sealed in a tube, with electric shock reeds and armature magnetic circuit dual function of reed motion to open, closed or conversion circuit of relay 5. To add or remove time relay: when the input signal, the output part need to delay or for a specified time limit to make or break the accused line relay. 6. High frequency relay: used in high frequency switch, rf circuit and relay with minimal loss. 7. Polarized relay: is there a polarized magnetic field and the control current by controlling the coil magnetic field generated by the synthesis and action of the relay. Relay action direction depends on the direction of current control loop flows. 8. Other types of relay: as the light relay, relay, thermal relay, relay, relay hall effect, differential relay, etc.
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