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There are a lot of stamping parts you need to know

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Knowledge of stamping parts to understand actually is really a lot, a lot of problems are you can't touch at ordinary times, in different industry application of stamping parts, to understand the knowledge point is different, the following is from our hardware to simple for everyone to do a understand. Generally this is how we calculate the development size of pressing. First of all, we don't consider bending makes material thinning. Calculation method is very simple, mainly first bending part of the neutral layer radius R ( Find out coefficient of neutral layer position x, R = R + xt) Are calculated, and then according to the arc length formulae segment length. After sum. If you want to consider bending part material thinning, will be calculated according to the principle of volume constant blank, need further modification. Another is precision stamping parts size accuracy and surface roughness is according to the installation drawing annotations can be directly and normally stamping parts of the surface roughness of the do not require, we put the main requirements embodied in the choice of raw materials, at the time of ordering steel materials should have very strict requirements. If alone can't guarantee the surface roughness of the raw materials, such as we in the later combined with polishing, electroplating process. Hardware is the dongguan region one of the few high quality manufacturers specialized in stamping parts, welcome to visit the choose and buy.
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