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This section describes the three main parts of connector terminals


The connector terminal plays the role of a bridge, which is formed by stamping the die, and is used to achieve an accessory stamping product of electrical connection, which is widely used. It is mainly divided into three main parts: the plug area, the transition area and the press area.

The connector area is the part where a terminal is connected to the other half. This part is designed by the connector designer to engage the docking terminal and work in a certain way. If the contact is deformed during pressing, the performance of the connector will be reduced.

The transition zone is also designed to be unaffected during the pressing process. If the position of the elastic plate or terminal stop is changed, the performance of the connector will also be affected.

Only the pressing area is the part of the design affected by the pressing process. Clamp the press area to securely connect to the cable using the connector manufacturer's recommended termination device.

The material selection of connector terminals should take into account elasticity (tensile strength, hardness), fatigue resistance, electrical conductivity, coefficient of thermal expansion, melting point (softening characteristics), corrosion resistance, processability, wear resistance.

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