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Three principles of quality control of precision stamping parts.

Three principles of quality control of precision stamping parts.


During the production process of precision stamping parts, stamping parts manufacturers need to formulate guidelines and require operators to strictly control the quality of products in accordance with the guidelines. Fortuna has been engaged in precision stamping for decades, has accumulated rich experience, and has also summarized some for your reference. Dongguan Fortuna metals CO.,LTD will introduce the three major principles of quality control of precision stamping parts:

1. Maintain and optimize quality levels.

a. The operator is clear about the current quality level, the overall goal to be achieved and the relative regulations.

b. Quality information content of supervision and manipulation steps.

c. Analyze the reasons and take effective preventive measures.


2. Carry out the confidence of "quality is produced by production"

a. Inspect the first and last batch of stamping die products for each production line.

b. Carry out regular inspections to avoid unqualified products.

c. Supervise whether the staff is working in accordance with the work norms.


3, when it is found that the quality is not up to standard, effective preventive measures can be taken.

The unqualified products attributed to the internal cause should be repaired and reported to the person in charge and put forward opinions and preventive measures.

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