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Tiny hole metal stamping processing technical problems and solutions

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
At home and abroad at present, the small hole is defined as: diameter of 0. 1 - 1. 0 ram holes called pores, diameter less than 01. Workpiece materials of these products are metal alloy materials, type micro hole depth than the big, wide feature sizes between 50 ~ 100 PM. For micro hole machining, due to the workpiece material toward the direction of high strength, high hardness, many parts need to use a heat resistant steel, stainless steel, die steel, cemented carbide, ceramics, diamond and other polymer composite materials and other difficult processing materials, in addition, the shape of a tiny hole is no longer a single round, but tend to various can realize specific functions of complex shapes, such as trilobites in the spinneret circular arc form, 3 leaf edge shape, v, hexagonal and other special-shaped hole, hole for all the minor updated processing technology put forward higher requirements. Specifically, miniaturization industrial processing technology should satisfy mass, high efficiency, high precision, high density, short cycle, low cost, pollution-free, net shaping characteristics, and in the field of traditional macro manufacturing, plastic forming technology, Cutting, bending, drawing, deep drawing, superplastic extrusion, rolling, embossing, etc. ) Just have those industrial advantages. Micro stamping method is a key process in micro plastic forming technology, this article is in view of the micro hole machining, research from the aspects of processing equipment to develop fine stamping processing technology. Manufacturing in the diameter of the tiny hole drilling bit is commonly phi = 0. 27 above, the cutting tool material for tungsten steel or stainless steel imported from Japan, in the past due to etching processing cost is high, the laser accuracy is poorer, along with the hardware hole punching processing technology improvement, has been basically eliminated. Stability to achieve mass production. Along with the increase in mobile phone functions, printed circuit board line distribution to develop in the direction of intensive increasingly, circuit board above the pore diameter of the copper foil is more small, the processing difficulty is further increased. Internal combustion engine fuel nozzle filter used in the application is roughly how the trend of development, so more and more high to the requirement of small hole punching processing. Blunt needle is more easily broken reasons, may be a blunt needle itself, it is possible that the mold design flaws. Also be cutting materials and so on a series of problems in whatever it is, we should to resolve solution practice GeChang same, foreign precision mould generally is loose, and stripper is very tight, stripper and die must be set guide pin, guide sleeve, wire cut cut with wire walking or using oil, bilateral 0 and plywood. 02 ~ 0. Bilateral 0 06 mm, stripper. 01 mm and fitting. Domestic practice is somewhat different, generally male splint unilateral tolerance + / - 5 mu, stripper unilateral 0. 1毫米,; With walking silk, can consider to increase some appropriate. Blunt needle deviation, if you want to try to blunt needle do short, clearance to put appropriate, guide pin to use bigger, the clearance between the guide bush of concave die and shall not exceed the unilateral 0. 005mm。 Stripper gap is smaller than the template, take bilateral commonly 0. Bilateral 0 005 mm, and plywood. 02 mm, loose point has nothing to do, don't punch application type, with handle gently push into the can. A: metal stamping tensile processing common molding type
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