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Tips for the maintenance of punch and concave molds in stamping parts processing plants

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
With the progress of society and the development of technology, stamping dies have become more and more widely used in the domestic machinery manufacturing industry due to their unique advantages of high efficiency, simplicity and mass production. In order to meet the development requirements of high efficiency and high quality, the correct maintenance and maintenance of stamping dies has become the primary research topic of stamping parts processing plants. As the main parts of the stamping process, how to maintain the convex and concave dies? Pay attention to the original condition of the mold when disassembling the convex and concave molds of the metal stamping mold, so that it can be easily restored during subsequent mold assembly. If there is a pad or shift, the thickness of the gasket should be engraved on the part and recorded. To replace the punch, try to insert the stripping block and the die to see if it is smooth, and whether the gap between the insert and the die is uniform, and whether the gap between the die and the punch is even when changing the die. In view of the shortening of the punch after grinding the punch, it is necessary to add gaskets to reach the required length, and check whether the effective length of the punch is sufficient. It is necessary to find out the reason for replacing the broken punch, and check whether the corresponding concave mold has chipping and whether it needs to grind the cutting edge. When assembling the punch, check whether the gap between the punch and the fixed block or the fixed plate is sufficient. If there is a press block, check whether there is room for movement. The assembling die should be placed horizontally, and then set it with a flat iron block such as a copper rod on the die surface to tap it in place. Do not place it obliquely and force it in. The bottom of the die should be chamfered. After installation, check whether the surface of the concave die is even with the surface of the die. After assembling the punch and die core, check the material belt to check whether the parts are installed incorrectly or reversely. Check whether the die and die pads are reversed, whether the blanking hole is blocked, and whether new parts are needed. Stealing materials, whether the material needs to be stolen is enough, and whether the mold needs to be locked tightly. Pay attention to the confirmation of the locking of the stripper plate screw. When locking, it should be cross-locked from the inside to the outside with a balanced force. Do not lock one screw first and then lock the other screw, so as to avoid the stripper plate tilting and causing the punch to break or The accuracy of the mold is reduced. With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, our country's industrialization construction is also changing with each passing day, especially the wide application of mold processing and manufacturing technology in the machinery manufacturing industry has accelerated the process of industrialization. Therefore, we must increase the research efforts on stamping die manufacturing technology and maintenance methods, further promote the application of digital technology, improve the design accuracy and processing quality of stamping dies, and accelerate the progress of stamping die design and manufacturing. Recommended article: Maintenance essentials of stamping continuous die Previous post: Improvement method of deformation and cracking during heat treatment of stamping die
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