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Traditional market system and energy saving potential is very huge

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
In the modern factory machinery and equipment, electric drive system the amount of electrical energy accounted for 60% ~ 70%, with the rising of energy price, the proportion has a trend of rise, and, in fact, the energy saving potential is very huge, adopting energy-saving drive system can reduce more energy consumption for mechanical equipment. Siemens industry industry automation and drive technology group d converter product management department manager ms xiao fang said, using the advantage of energy saving transmission system is obvious, reduce energy loss and improve the production efficiency and reduce environmental pollution, energy saving effect sustainable throughout the entire life cycle of mechanical equipment, 'the more in high energy consumption industries, the energy saving effect is more obvious. 'Xiao fang, says ms in the operation of mechanical equipment has many places to implement energy conservation: the operation of the pump and fan according to the need to adjust the flow rate and mechanical equipment operation affects the part of busywork, motor don't need to work at full capacity at high speed for long time,' by using frequency conversion speed regulation way can produce very good energy saving effect, also become the most widely used way of energy saving. '' changes in products by adopting frequency converter speed regulating motor, fan and water pump control mode, can easily achieve energy saving effect', said ms xiao fang, suitable for frequency conversion equipment can reduce maintenance and service costs, improve enterprise productivity. At the same time also can run smooth slow boot device inertia, extend the life cycle of equipment. In fact, the application of frequency converter and many. In a textile machinery production line, for example, frequency converter in addition to adjust the production line of the motor running speed, can also be carried out on the production environment temperature and humidity control, this change not only improve the production quality of technological process, also reduced the occurrence of failure rate, objectively and to reduce the energy waste. Siemens frequency converter has been committed to help clients for more efficient energy saving, such as SINAMICSG120 frequency converter, with renewable energy feedback function, can realize 100% of the energy feedback. At the same time, the application of the frequency converter can save into a few auxiliary components such as line reactor and braking resistance, reduce transmission system installation space, reduce the heat. Xiao fang, argues ms for plant energy saving, energy saving must be from the perspective of the whole chain of the system, a mechanical device, a production workshop of energy conservation is the use of an inverter, not only in an efficient motor is so simple, energy conservation needs to give full consideration to every node on the energy conservation can be sexually, then can let the system to have better energy saving effect. For energy-saving tend to ignore some of the details, in fact, for a factory, the energy saving is not only to reduce power consumption, also including staffing, and the distribution of factory space layout, etc. , the concept of energy saving is a very broad. 'From the power supply and transformer equipment, to the upper control system, driving system and transmission system, and to the actuators, every detail has great energy-saving potential, only every point coordinate, to achieve a good overall energy saving effect. 'Said ms xiao fang, Siemens frequency converter for distributed I/O system such as SIMATICET200SFC, SINAMICSG120D launch, to help customers in the space layout, installation, wiring methods and maintenance, to some extent, save manpower and material resources, is a very good energy saving application products. Ms xiao fang argues that, with the development of economy, people's energy saving consciousness has been greatly improved, but compared with developed countries is not enough, still need to be agreed by national legislation to further: 'with frequency converter as an example, has significant effect of energy saving, no doubt, but the enterprise decision when buying energy-saving equipment on the market clinch a deal or not is a major factor to purchase cost, rather than operating costs. This concept also need the corresponding policies to equipment mandatory energy efficiency indexes of contract can be changed. '' for Siemens, innovation is our unremitting goal. Continue to strengthen the local research and development and production, fully meet the development of Chinese market needs, such as SINAMICSG120 inverter innovation adopts silicon carbide as the material of the inverter, this material has a strong resistance to high temperature, can improve the switching frequency of the inverter, and less energy consumption. Similar to SINAMICSG120 inverter of the innovative ways of Siemens will also continue to strengthen. 'Ms xiao fang believes that as China's market economy development, there will be more and more enterprises consider the long-term development, in the investment enterprise will pay more attention to the inverter and efficient motor products such as investment, and consider to add the whole system energy saving. A: along the big footprints hardware manufacturing industry in our country from big to strong
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