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Training program for stamping parts processing technology

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Technical personnel are required to be proficient in the classification of stamping parts processing technology, to understand the characteristics of stamping parts processing and its applications, to understand the development of stamping parts processing technology; to master the classification and basic structure of cold stamping dies, to be familiar with the working process of cold stamping dies; to understand stamping parts The basic structure, working principle and classification of the crank press of the processing equipment, master the selection of several commonly used structure presses on the open press; understand the working principle of the shearing machine of the stamping processing equipment, master the gap adjustment of the shearing machine, and Use of stopper devices; be able to be familiar with the operating safety rules and requirements of punches and shears; be able to tell the main stamping parts processing technology according to the parts, and be able to cite the application of each stamping process in the manufacture of daily necessities; The cold stamping die and the cavity die can be distinguished from the appearance. According to the physical object of a stamping part, the attribute and the name of the part can be said; through on-site teaching, the type of crank press of the stamping part processing equipment in the workshop can be accurately judged, and it can be pointed out Several basic parts of the press, familiar with the operation of the open press, familiar with the use of the four commonly used mechanisms, can point out the meaning of its technical parameters by comparing the nameplate on the press; be able to operate the shearing machine proficiently through on-site teaching; Enhance the awareness of stamping safety and effectively prevent personal and equipment accidents; recommended article: How many deep drawing methods are there for metal stamping parts? Previous post: What kind of technical requirements should the stamping parts material meet?
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