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Types of electroplating process for stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Electroplating process is a common surface solution in stamping parts processing. The purpose of the electroplating process is to inlay a layer of metal material coating on the surface of the stamping part to change the surface characteristics or specifications of the material. Electroplating on the surface of stamping parts has the advantages of improving the corrosion resistance of metal materials, improving conductivity and surface aesthetics. According to different functional requirements, there are many electroplating methods of different materials. Next, let's analyze them one by one. Electroplating gold: Improve the characteristic impedance of conductive touch and improve data signal transmission. (Gold is more stable and more expensive.) Gold plating: Improve the conductivity of the touch characteristic impedance and improve the data signal transmission. (Silver has good properties and is very easy to react with oxygen, and it is also conductive after oxygen is reflected.) Copper electroplating: internally used to improve the adhesion and anti-corrosion ability of the electroplating process layer. (Copper is very easy to react with oxygen. After the oxygen reacts, the patina is no longer conductive. Therefore, copper electroplating products must be copper maintenance.) Electroplating nickel: internally built or shaped to improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance (In which chemical nickel is a contemporary processing technology, the wear resistance work ability exceeds that of stainless steel). Palladium-plated nickel: Improve the conductivity and touch characteristic impedance, improve data signal transmission, and have higher wear resistance than gold. Tin-lead plating: to improve soldering ability, and soon to be replaced by other substitutes (because of lead, most of them are now plated with bright tin and matte tin). [Related recommendation] Learn more: Why not use simple molds for stamping parts production and processing Learn more: How to obtain the position accuracy of stamping parts in a stamping processing order Learn more: Analysis of common failure causes in the production of stamping parts
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