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U terminal processing - precision

by:Fortuna     2021-02-07
Precision electronic technology co. , LTD. , dongguan city, is a precision stamping processing and production-oriented enterprises, professional production and processing: metal shrapnel, u-shaped terminals, hardware terminal, small tensile) and other precision metal components. And to provide design and mapping services, reduce the changes in the product design, shorten the development cycle, solve the trouble back at home of mould and parts design and processing, make the product to market faster. U terminal is applied for the convenience of the connection wire, it is actually a seal inside the insulation plastic pieces of metal, with a hole at both ends can be inserted into conductor, a screw is used to tighten or loosen, such as two wire, sometimes need to connect, sometimes need to disconnect and connect them what had happened, they can use the terminal, and can be disconnected at any time, without having to weld them up or intertwined, very convenient. U terminal: the terminal can be installed in the U type and G type guide rail; Equipped with complete accessories, such as: gear, grouping clapboard; With consistent earthing terminal; Can solve the double connection, potential distribution and current loop testing and other special terminals. 30 years of experience in precision metal terminals stamping, stamping all kinds of hardware terminals, stamping speed can reach 1200 SPM, precision terminal stamping production with high efficiency.
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