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Ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean metal stamping parts more convenient

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
With the increasing of ultrasonic cleaning technology developed, it also has been widely used in many industries, there is our beauty of ultrasonic with technical staff to tell you about maggi ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning the advantage of stamping parts. ( 1) Main characteristic is to see the effect, with the ultrasonic cleaning machine, because of the high power ultrasonic vibration ability strong, cleaning effect is very obvious. Metal stamping parts bright glow after cleaning. ( 2) Maggi ultrasonic cleaning machine mechanical timing control boot time, waterproof performance is greatly improved, the advantages of our products more secure durable; Also with drainage ball valve. ( 3) Can use ordinary tap water, alcohol, solvent cleaning, will feel very convenient. Dongguan hardware specialized in stamping parts production, we have developed design precision mould, continuous die, drawing die and all kinds of inspection jig ability, open mold, stamping, sheet metal manufacturing, electrostatic spraying. Because our customer many belong to the automobile industry, so they demand for our stamping is very high, we are through TS16949 certification of professional auto parts stamping parts manufacturers. Our hardware worth trust of quality and service. Welcome new and old customers to establish a long-term relations of cooperation with us.
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