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Understand the metal cutting process and improve the metal cutting process technology

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Metal cutting is a material removal and forming method in the metal forming process, and it still occupies a large proportion in today's mechanical manufacturing. Therefore, the metal cutting technology of the machining center is widely used in the mechanical manufacturing process. The metal cutting process is a process in which the workpiece and the tool interact. Any cutting process must have three basic conditions: cutting tool, workpiece and cutting motion. The tool cuts the excess metal from the workpiece to be processed, and under the premise of controlling the productivity and cost, the workpiece can obtain the geometric accuracy, dimensional accuracy and surface quality that meet the design and process requirements. In order to realize this process, there must be relative movement between the workpiece and the tool, that is, cutting movement. There are many classifications for the cutting of metal materials. The common classification methods are according to process characteristics, material removal rate, machining accuracy and surface shaping. The technological characteristics of cutting depend on the structure of the cutting tool and the form of relative movement between the cutting tool and the workpiece. The commonly used processing forms of machining centers include super-finishing, threading, milling, and drilling. According to the removal amount and machining accuracy of the processed blank, cutting can be divided into rough machining, semi-static machining, finishing, modification machining and ultra-precision machining. Roughing is a processing method in which most or all of the machining allowance is cut from the workpiece with a large cutting depth and after one or a few passes. It is generally used for pre-processing. Semi-finishing is generally used as an intermediate process between roughing and finishing; finishing is to use fine cutting to make the machined surface reach a higher precision and surface quality. Choose different processing methods according to different processing needs. The rapid development of the machinery manufacturing industry has increased the requirements for metal cutting processes. my country's metal cutting process has a long history, but with the development of the times, its process technology still needs to be improved. my country's heavy industry technology started late, so we still need to learn from the advanced experience of developed countries, strive to improve our own technical level, improve the accuracy and quality of workpieces, and bring the machinery manufacturing industry to a higher level. Recommended article: Several precautions to be kept in mind in the processing of stamping elbows Previous post: How is the surface knurling formed during the stamping of parts
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