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Use of metal stamping parts business fraud

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Reader Mr Yao source: some excuses to introduce hardware stamping parts business, cheated me 3000 yuan, his deception is too high, the set up step by step, no flaw can be find. Reporter li-qun Chen verification report: things from the day on December 6, has a stamping factory Mr Yao to yuyao office that day, suddenly the phone bell rang, pick up is a strange man local accents. Asked if he is not busy busy business recently, if not busy, he start a company in Shanghai relatives want to find a private stamping factory in cixi, stamping parts processing, the two sides can talk. Because of recent business so bad, really accepted Mr Yao's nature, and soon arranged with each other to meet at the south 2nd ring the door of the hotel. The 50-year-old middle-aged man after some time, self introduction to Mr Yao wrote the detailed address and contact phone number, I then pulled out carry a piece of paper and a sample to see Mr Yao, let him to produce a sample according to the sample, and check the price, his relatives and Shanghai in a few days to his factory field look at the presence of the actual production capacity, Mr Yao agreed. On December 8, in the afternoon, Mr Yao got a call from the the middle-aged man. Zhao, said he had in zhou xiang station, let Mr Yao went to answer it immediately. This time, the middle-aged man is a man with, two people to turn a circle, Mr. Yao's factory sure Mr Yao's ability to produce their products, then, to Mr Yao sample are satisfied products and quotations. The two sides agreed to go to Shanghai in a few days to discuss business. After two days later, Mr Yao had received a phone call from middle-aged man again. On December 12, in accordance with the contract, Mr Yao and middle-aged man who drove to Shanghai together. After entering Shanghai yangpu district, middle-aged man who took Mr Yao into a company, is a women and four men for receiving them in about 50 years old or so. Both sides to talk about, after a moment of middle-aged man suddenly pulled Mr Yao in the outside, and remind him to talk about into this business, please send them some sweetener cost 3000 yuan to buy a few cigarettes to them. A little alert Mr Yao excuse didn't bring enough money, middle-aged man said no relationship, let him pay 1000 yuan, the rest of the paid by him, the second day to give him a charge in account number is ok. Back in there, middle-aged man again to pull the four men and a woman outside, return quickly made an oral agreement, both sides after delivery sampling qualified, gave Mr Yao stamping parts orders of $2 million. Return to cixi, Mr Yao after careful consideration, feel like middle-aged men in word and deed is credible, and touch down these days, he introduced his family life very detailed, plus now field also have been to Shanghai, should be no problem. Then, the next morning, in accordance with the contract, Mr Yao put another 2000 yuan of money to other accounts. But after a few days, Mr Yao contact middle-aged man has found more and more difficult: to play his phone, don't pick up, even to turn it off; His message and never looking back; Change the number of others first and then dial is dialed, can recognize signs and then shut down. Mr Yao didn't suspect they may have been taken in this, think of at that time has been to Shanghai, by the gate of the company's name on the Internet query, the results showed that the two companies is some, but the other party say they have moved away from this place, now there is not their company in operation. He familiar with hardware, stamping parts production process so, certainly also engaged in this industry. , says Mr Yao middle-aged man must be a con artists, and when I went to Shanghai for this route is particularly familiar with, he is worried that the man will go again after cheating, so special want to through this newspaper warns a citizen. In order to further clarify the facts, the reporter on the 15th afternoon according to Mr Yao provide a middle-aged man, room 201, a district in downtown home address, contact the community leaders, but after she check carefully, this building room 201 registered resident's family name is zhao and qi. Then, the reporter tried to call again the middle-aged man's mobile phone, spoke by telephone, reporter deliberately settled the business in Shanghai? This sentence to tempt him, as a result, the reply is talking about, and ask when he can sign a contract? He answer is not clear. In the end, the reporter reveals his identity and paraphrased, Mr Yao said each other all to answer, I don't know exactly then hangs up the phone. Reporters and then dial the phone number, again is not willing to answer the phone. Because there is no report, Mr Yao also reporters the day to remind him to the police. A: the magic of metal stamping parts
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