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VCM motor industry analysis with OIS motor development in China

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. , founded in 2008, is located in dongguan city, guangdong province shatian mori chau village culture around the team after the ferry road, is a precision stamping factory. Professional production and processing precision hardware components, VCM motor, etc. VCM motor from the voice coil motor, the first is the abbreviation of English letters, commonly known as the voice coil motor or voice coil motor. Its main principle is in a permanent magnetic field, by changing the motor coil in the size of the dc current, current can be converted to mechanical force, to control the tensile of VCM spring leaf position, thus promote the lens moves up and down and achieve the function of the lens focus, to move the camera can reach micro distance, change the focal length, achieve the goal of clear images. From the function can be divided into motor (VCM motor 开环) , closed-loop motor ( 关闭循环) 备用( The motor of) , OIS optical image stabilization motor ( Horizontally, axis type, memory metal type, etc. ) Six axis motor, OIS + Close loop. Because the drive motor is the most widely used, to occupy the vast majority of market share, so people generally referred to as VCM motor directly, but in fact the VCM motor generalized included the closed-loop type motor and OIS motor, etc. OIS是光学图像稳定( Stable optical image stabilization system) Short, also known as OIS optical image stabilization, the past is only used for digital camera, now has become the hot function of mobile phone camera, is by physical techniques to realize the direction of the lens and the fuselage jitter compensation, make the footage is stable. OIS motor in need in the original production VCM motor on the basis of adding a sensible measure hand shaking, gyroscope, the Angle of the gyroscope camera shake can be measured, offset control system according to its cause image lens relative to the image sensor in the opposite direction from the translation offset, so the image offset offset. According to the next few years OIS depth of motor industry market research and investment outlook, VCM motor on the market at present, common VCM motor ( Open motor) Occupied most of market share, as high as 80%, closed-loop motor occupies 6% market, although the OIS is extremely popular, but so far its only accounts for 3% of the market, while other types of motors together accounted for 11% of the market. In 2017 China OIS motor market size is 2. 7. 5 billion yuan, the main market share by Japanese enterprises. OIS motor has been developing rapidly in recent years. As early as the end of 2013, zte Nubian is first developed the first mobile phone with a OIS motor Nubian ZS5. Even earlier abroad has a mobile phone brands such as Google, HTC, nokia tried to OIS motor integrated into mobile phones. But what led OIS motor flag into the apple launched in September 5, 2014. 5 inches iPhone6. Apple as the pioneer of mobile phone brand, almost every kind of mobile phone launch will cause a great deal of attention, the new configuration as the direction of the mobile phone as the lead in the industry, but of course, also need its configuration is really consumers need, looking forward to, may be able to timely. As early as 2014 OIS image stabilization technology has been much attention by camera motor, and then there is also a VCM motor manufacturers have OIS samples, but at the time because of too high, terminal manufacturers did not use the technology, so the OIS technology has been delayed for a period of time. Domestic high-end motor manufacturer wants to enter the premium brands difficulty is very big. OPPO, vivo, huawei, all three of the world VCM motor proportion is as high as 20%, but domestic high-end flagship model on the market at present most OIS motor by the Japanese TDK, alpine international manufacturers such as beauty, the beauty of supply, and orders OIS motor manufacturers in China is very limited. From the market level, the domestic terminal manufacturers on domestic OIS motor recognition is not high, because there is no relevant product validation, lead to terminal manufacturers in unilateral with fear. Secondly, from the point of the process, the yield is not high, this is also one of the cause of the terminal manufacturers concern. From OIS motor production ability, now can realize OIS motor new thinking and small batch production of also only than road, three beautiful, love her instrument such as a line of domestic motor factory, while the second camp is in VCM motor ozner, in blue, vendors, etc in the layout, but so far, the three VCM motor has yet to achieve OIS motor ability to small batch production. The current fire OIS stabilization to popularize price is one of the important reason why the cost too is high, module manufacturers willing to pay for it is only the Philippines, ShunYu, titanium dome light and believed that several big manufacturers. Domestic brand can accept OIS motor price at around $3, terminal brand can match OIS motor prices at least 2500 yuan of above. OIS image stabilization technology also only be used in high-end smartphones, homebred mobile phone use OIS stabilization motor only huawei, OPPO, and vivo first-line brand. There is no doubt that the cost factor and multiple factors such as production ability OIS spread of image stabilization technology bottlenecks, and if the cost factor to control, small brands are willing to enter that popularity in the technology sector will have most of the possibilities.
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