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Vehicle stamping parts processing and manufacturing process

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Vehicles in the past, stamping parts processing mainly for the traditional manual operation, as well as ordinary stamping parts processing equipment, the size of the machining error is large, and the subsequent processing is very big, it is far from good level at home and abroad, it is difficult to adapt to the sealing performance of vehicle series, the insulation of the high quality requirements, so use excellent for stamping parts processing equipment, based on the vehicle to determine the stamping process, to ensure the high quality and erase the parts of the vehicle. End is very necessary and make sure the technical indicators, stamping parts processing and cutting of the improvement of products, and analyzes the current status, and cutting and stamping parts processing of vehicle parts processing, stamping processing conditions on the manufacturers, and foreign equipment manufacturing technology level, on the basis of the research and determine the applicable to vehicle's excellent stamping parts processing, analysis, and expounds the process equipment of the new project of the specific characteristics and the key technical problems, to ensure the processing precision and requirement of vehicle parts. Now believe that the new cutting machine CNC precision, head CNC drilling machine and bending machine, CNC equipment, has been used to improve the process of stamping parts processing, the quality of the parts can solve the problem of current car in the process of manufacturing cost, so as to improve the quality of the vehicle, the selection of stamping parts processing equipment scheme is feasible, at the same time because of the high accuracy and processing functions, flexible new processing equipment CNC stamping parts processing, the factory has improved the small batch products in the market strain capacity. Used in high-speed punching machine, the use of multistep progressive die, can effectively produce the complex shapes of sheet metal parts, multi-station progressive die structure is very complex, and sometimes a pair of mould is composed of hundreds of pieces, to meet the requirements of the high-speed operation of this type of mold, must be made of high strength and precision machining of mould materials, ensure good requirement of stamping process, at present, the domestic vehicle body parts is mainly composed of stamping parts.
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