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Vigorously promotes the illegal dredge foshan hardware companies ordered to rectification

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
On December 17, foshan shunde district north industrial zone in zhizhou personally led board regulation illegal dredge big checks. If the industrial zone 53 casting enterprise fails to complete the rectification, before the end of April duty, shunde district, north forging industry adjust group will jointly undertake investigating environment, transport and urban administration. According to introducing, north industrial zone was established in 2001. At that time, in order to promote industrial structure optimization, chencun decided to first two village in shek chau, zhuang industrial zone planning integration, on the basis of the original scattered around the flower exposition site of forging, casting industrial enterprise of concentrated development. But because the hardware construction standard, the industrial zone delays in by the provincial environmental protection bureau to check and accept. At the same time, the pollution problem of the area is given priority to with forging industry is increasingly highlighted. On December 17, successively came to Chen Cunzhuang zhizhou line head JieGuang hardware electrical appliance factory and transit development ductile iron co. , LTD. Chen Cunzhuang head JieGuang hardware electrical appliance factory is burning waste copper casting production. 'A look at this scene, without detection know emissions not up to standard. 'Zhizhou said. Of ductile iron and transit development co. , LTD. , have been carried out for coal to electricity while the transformation, and installed dust removal device, but production field is still filled with the smell of the resin. The zhizhou said, entrepreneurs should take responsibility, in accordance with the requirements stated in the environmental protection standards emissions, realize the harmonious development. Government last year have about 3 years to achieve the whole north industrial zone of ascension, there is very little time, you must go all out to pay special attention to the environment, through the transform and upgrade to continue to develop, improve we will resolutely eliminated. The author understands, at present the post industrial zone north 53 casting enterprise mostly with the production of coal and coke as the main fuel, furnace body after use comparative travel-weary after many years, don't have to waste gas treatment facilities or governance effect is not ideal, the black smoke and sulfur dioxide emissions and impact on the environment. Chencun town, has been in the second half of last year on casting enterprises to establish the 'promote a batch of, transfer a batch, shut down a batch of' overall goals. At present, more than 10 companies improve task, which shut down two, halt production, change electric furnace production of six. Also plans to raise five, has reported 19, 1 has started construction, technical transformation, 19% of the overall rectification task. A: Christmas tree has been hardware metal effect can not be ignored
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