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We pursue higher efficiency in stamping processing.


Efficiency is a very critical point in all walks of life. When our stamping factory is producing and processing metal stamping parts, how to improve production efficiency is very important, and we need to continue to study. And technology is the main factor to promote the development of productivity, and the improvement of technology can continue to develop, which is also conducive to creating higher value for ourselves and our customers.

To achieve higher efficiency in production and processing, our core team independently designs and manufactures automation equipment, including stamping, injection molding and assembly, which can achieve mass production and ensure the stability and consistency of components, bringing certain benefits to the enterprise. Competitiveness; we implement 5S on-site management, TPM equipment management and pass IATF16949 quality system certification, standardized process flow, continuous improvement of all staff and whole process.

Editor of article has been working as a salesperson in the company for 7 years after graduation. During this period of time, which is neither too long nor too short, we can see the innovative management concepts, open thinking and innovative and pragmatic development of the company's leaders. concept; the technical team has been making unremitting efforts to accumulate experience in the actual production process; we can also see the update of workshop equipment, the improvement of technology, the training of employees, and the increasing level of mechanization and automation... Really let The company and its employees are in a stage of continuous improvement.

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