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What about industry position of Fortuna?
Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co, Ltd.strives to be one of the leading international brands that develop and market creative, innovative & high-quality Fortuna. We provide reliable and unique technologies and products that are highly sought after. Our products are broadly distributed worldwide. In the global trade fairs, our products are always the eye-catchers among the like, gaining much attention of purchasers as well as enterprises who prefer to share the latest industry knowledge with us.

Presently, Fortuna is one of the largest stamping parts R&D and manufacturing bases in China. The stamping parts series is widely praised by customers. It is highly safe to use. The product features built-in protection functions that can prevent any accidental issues, such as electric leakage. The product is easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface. It helps build brand awareness. Its conveys the brand's beauty and captures the opportunity to connect with active customers. It has the property of low shrinkage on heating and low thermal conductivity.

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